Destination Wedding Planning

Makaha Beach Park Oahu Hawaii

Hawai‘i, is without question one of the most gorgeous places on earth and the perfect setting for a dream destination wedding

Choose a beautiful indoor or outdoor location in Oahu, Kauai, Maui or Hawaii Big Island, get married and have your honeymoon all together. 

Love is Love Hawaiian Weddings' team lower the stress of getting married thousands of miles away from home, we assist couples to design an event that reflects the couple’s personality, style and sensibilities, we incorporate contemporary, stylish, and sophisticated elements to the incomparable natural beauty of the Hawaiian culture and the breathtaking locations creating an organic, exquisite and thoughtful design,  a dream destination wedding that works for them.

Hawai'i is a magical place rich in culture and with incomparable natural beauty, a place where You and Your guests don’t have to worry about travel documents, passports or visas, safety travel issues or currency exchange rates. An exotic tropical scenery where all couples are welcome, a place where Aloha is in everyone and everywhere. 

A Certified Wedding Planner


The jobs of a Certified wedding planner and a venue coordinator are very different and it is those differences that let you determine that you need a specialized wedding planner.  Typically, venues have a coordinator on-site and this is often marketed as a perk when signing the service contract; however, venue coordinators concentrate on the venue, ensuring the banquets and logistics are according to the program. Love is Love Hawaiian Weddings ensures the couples have an advocate that works for them and not for the venue solely. 

For a Certified Wedding Planner it becomes very helpful to work with the site coordinator, they are responsible for the activities that happen the day of the wedding and help solve issues during the event, for instance a last minute change in the tables setup. 

You want a professional Wedding Planner who you can work with and trust through every step of the way making your dream wedding come to life from the moment this wonderful journey starts.

Designing for Memories


The location of your destination wedding in Hawai'i determines the details of your event, and will have a rolling effect on everything from your food menu options, entertainment, theme, accommodation, transportation, et cetera; therefore, making the right decision is paramount. 

If you’re unsure choosing an indoor or outdoor location and where to go, Love is Love Hawaiian Weddings will give you some much needed inspiration.  We work with the most professional teams, beautiful venues and beach locations in the Islands of Hawai'i. We are always happy to help, so book your free consultation

We work with a team of  photographers, caters, designers, hotel venues, officiants, florists, make-up artist, entertainers,  car service, restaurants who together not only create memorable weddings, but also, are selected by Love is Love as qualified vendors, all of them have experience in the destination weddings business. 

Love is Love Hawaiian Weddings negotiate with these vendors helping you to save money and have a flawless hiring and contracting process.   

All we need is love.. ♫ love, love, love is all we need ♫

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our services. Aloha!